Our Projects

Grok Academy has many projects related to Digital Technologies!

Australian Digital Technologies Challenges

The Australian DT Challenges are in-classroom activities for the most challenging aspects of the Year 3-4, Year 5-6 and 7-8 bands of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies, including algorithms, implementation (coding), data representation and data interpretation.

Schools Cyber Security Challenges

The Schools Cyber Security Challenges will provide school teachers and students with classroom-ready activities (Challenges) that will develop cyber security skills and dispositions.

National Computer Science School

The NCSS Summer School is an intensive week of computer programming, web design and related activities.

Teachers Can Code

Teachers Can Code is a professional learning program for the Western Australian Department of Education. Grok Academy is creating 16 Digital Technologies training modules. Grok Academy is training over 100 WA teachers to deliver these DT modules to other teachers state-wide.