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Introducing Grok Academy!

The ACA is joining forces with Grok Learning to form a new organisation Grok Academy. This new organisation will be your one stop shop for all your digital technologies needs. For more information go to

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Grok Cyber Comp is coming: May 31 - June 13!
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Digital Technologies Professional Learning

Engage with the ACA
Digital Technologies Workshop 2 Days
29 - 30 April 2021
Thursday - Friday  
Bundaberg State High School
Digital Technologies Workshop 2 Days
24 - 25 May 2021
Monday - Tuesday  
Mungga-iri Jingee
Digital Technologies Workshop 2 Days
27 - 28 May 2021
Thursday - Friday  
Macquarie University

You can catch up on all of our past webinars on our resources page.

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