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Unpacking the curriculum

The Digital Technologies curriculum has been designed around ten key concepts. The DT Challenges and PD workshops focus on understanding these deep ideas in computing.

While the vocabulary is new, many of these concepts are ideas and processes that teachers will already be teaching in other learning areas.

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Abstration key concept


Digital Systems key concept

Digital Systems

Data Representation key concept

Data Representation

Data Collection key concept

Data Collection

Data Interpretation key concept

Data Interpretation

Specification key concept


Algorithms key concept


Implementation key concept


Impact key concept


Interactions key concept


Abstraction key concept   Key Concept: Abstraction

Abstraction involves hiding details of an idea, problem or solution that are not relevant, to focus on a manageable number of aspects.

Abstraction is a natural part of communication: people rarely communicate every detail, because many details are not relevant in a given context.

Abstraction does not appear explicitly in the content descriptions

However, abstraction underpins many of the content descriptions below. For example:

  • Abstraction is central to many representations that hide detail.
  • Abstraction is central to describing a high-level algorithm.
  • Abstraction is central to ignoring irrelevant properties in data interpretation.

Digital Systems key concept   Key Concept: Digital Systems

Digital systems content descriptions 1

Digital systems content descriptions 2

Digital systems table

Data Representation key concept   Key Concept: Data Representation

Data Representation content descriptions

Data Representation table

Data collection key concept   Key Concept: Data Collection

Data interpretation key concept   Key Concept: Data Interpretation

Data analysis content descriptions 1

Data analysis content descriptions 2

Data analysis table

Specification key concept   Key Concept: Specification

Algorithms key concept   Key Concept: Algorithms

Specification and algorithms content descriptions 1

Specifications and algorithms content descriptions 2

Specifications and algorithms content descriptions 3

Specifications and algorithms table

Implementation key concept   Key Concept: Implementation

Implementation content descriptions 1

Implementation content descriptions 2

Implementation table

Interactions key concept   Key Concept: Interactions

Interactions content descriptions 1

Interactions content descriptions 2

Interactions table

Impact key concept   Key Concept: Impact

Impact content descriptions 1

Impact content descriptions 2

Impact table