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The ACA is joining forces with Grok Learning to form a new organisation Grok Academy. This new organisation will be your one stop shop for all your digital technologies needs. For more information go to

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Grok Cyber Comp is coming: May 31 - June 13!
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DT @ Home

DT@School Secondary Workbook

Bands: Years 7-8, 9-10

Duration: 12-20 hours

All of our DT@School resources for secondary students redesigned for schools in one pdf to download and print.

DT@School activities are curriculum based digital technologies activities which don't require a computer or wifi connection to be completed. There is a complimentory set of these resources designed to be used at home, look for DT@Home. Answers, curriculum links and follow on activities are included for each activity.


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DT@Home Secondary Workbook

All of our DT@Home resources for secondary students in one pdf to download and print.