Grok Cyber FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Grok Cyber activities

Grok Cyber Comp

What is Cyber Comp?

Cyber Comp is a 45 minute online activity open to all Australian school students in years 5-12. The comp consists of 12 interactive problems in which students explore how to be more secure online and discover common cyber security risks.

Who can participate?

All students in Australian from years 5-12 can participate for free in Cyber Comp.

Why should students take part in Grok Cyber Comp?

After taking part in Grok Cyber Comp students will:

When should students do Cyber Comp?

We recommend students take part in Grok Cyber Comp at school, during class time. The activity is suitable as a whole class activity during a pastoral care class, to address ICT Capabilities, as part of a Digital Technologies lesson or as part of a school's digital citizenship or digital literacy program.

How do students participate in Grok Cyber Comp?

The competition window for the second round of Cyber Comp 2021 will be open for 2 weeks from 22 November to 3 December 2021. Each student can attempt the competition for a 45 minute window anytime within that two week period. Students will only be able to participate once after their clock starts.

Teachers who register students will be given a link for their students to access Grok Cyber Comp.

What happens after the Cyber Comp is over?

After the competition window, Grok Cyber Comp will no longer be available to teachers and students.

When do students and teachers get their results?

Teachers can view their students' results in their teacher dashboard in the week after Grok Cyber Comp finishes. Students will be able to view their Grok Cyber Comp results in the week after Grok Cyber Comp is completed. Schools will also receive a report outlining aggregated results for their school, with suggestions to improve their school's overall cyber security awareness after the competition concludes.

Is there a cost to take part?

No, Grok Cyber Comp is free for Australian students (in years 5 to 12) and teachers in Australia. Access has been funded by support from our partners in the Schools Cyber Security Challenges project.

Are there prizes?

All students taking part in Grok Cyber Comp receive a certificate recognising their achievement.

Information for teachers

How can my students prepare?

No preparation is required for your students to take part in Grok Cyber. It’s good if your students have a general awareness of how to stay secure online. The final questions in Grok Cyber Comp are designed to be challenging for students. All problems contain an explanation, and some hints are also provided.

Do my students need to have an understanding of cyber security to take part?

Students do not need any specific understanding of cyber security to take part in Grok Cyber Comp.

Do students take part as individuals or in teams?

Students register individually on to take part in Grok Cyber Comp. We encourage students to discuss their answers with peers and and as a group when they receive their results and feedback.

How can students continue learning after they complete Grok Cyber Comp?

Students can continue learning about cyber security by completing the Schools Cyber Security Challenges. The Schools Cyber Security Challenges are online activities available year round, designed for Australian students. Challenges cover information privacy and security, phishing, data encryption and transmission, wired and wireless network security and web application security. With up to 28 hours of content available across 5 Challenges, the Challenges are suitable for students in years 5 to 12 and cover many key areas in the Australian Curriculum (Digital Technologies and ICT Capability).

How do I register students if I am a teacher?

Access Grok Cyber Comp using the links below. From Grok Learning, teachers can visit their teacher dashboard and assign students to the relevant comp for their year level. Another way to get students into the Comp is to share the following links directly with students: You can enrol your students at any time in the three weeks before each round of Grok Cyber Comp begins, and at any time during the competition period.

Is Grok Cyber aligned to the Australian Curriculum?

The learning students develop through participation in Grok Cyber Comp aligns with the Australian Curriculum. It exposes them to concepts from both the Digital Technologies subject and the Digital Literacy General Capability. Teachers will be provided with detailed curriculum information after the competition has concluded.

Information for parents

How do I register my child if I am a parent?

You can register your child directly in Grok Cyber Comp as an individual participant by having them create an account on the Grok Learning platform and registering to complete the competition. We’ll be in touch with parents who register their interest closer to the start of Grok Cyber Comp with all the details that you need for your child to take part.

Can students take part if their school isn’t participating?

Australian school students in years 5 to 12 are welcome to take part in Grok Cyber Comp, whether or not their school is also participating.

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Grok Cyber Pursuit / Hunt

What is Cyber Pursuit?

Cyber Pursuit is a series of capture-the-flag problems solved online. It ran from July until September. The problems are designed to be challenging, for keen students who wish to expand their cyber security skills and understanding.

What is Cyber Hunt?

Cyber Hunt takes the 2021 Cyber Pursuit problems (and a host of new ones) and packages them up as a collection of short cyber security problems that can be solved in class. The problems will vary in difficulty and audience, and will be well suited to building cyber security skills, understanding and problem-solving through taster activities suited to class warm-up activities.

When does it start?

Cyber Pursuit started in July 2021 and concluded in September. The problems from this round of Cyber Pursuit will be released as Cyber Hunt activities in the first quarter of 2022.

How long is it?

The original 10 problems were released over 10 weeks. The first problem was released on July 12, and the last problem was released on September 13. Students could submit entries until 5pm AEST on September 24.

Who can participate?

All Australian students will be able to participate in the Cyber Hunt. Some will require a Grok Learning account to access parts of the problem.

Why should students take part in Cyber Pursuit/Hunt?

The Cyber Pursuit and Cyber Hunt problems are designed to provide students with interesting hands-on cyber security problems. Students will use a range of skills and knowledge to hunt for hidden files and information to solve the problems.

Can students take part in the Cyber Pursuit/Hunt activities if they haven’t taken part in other Grok Cyber activities?

Yes, students can complete Cyber Hunt problems without having done other Grok Cyber activities.

Is there a cost to take part?

No, Cyber Hunt problems are free for Australian students (in years 5 to 12) and teachers in Australia. Access has been funded by support from our partners in the Schools Cyber Security Challenges project.

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