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Master of Education (Digital Technologies)

Become a leader in teaching Digital Technologies at your school

Enhance your skills and expertise in teaching the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies through the Master of Education (Digital Technologies).

Deepen your knowledge and understanding of fundamental computer science concepts such as digital systems and data representation, algorithm design and programming.

Drive change at your school through professional development and training, and strategic planning and school leadership.

Develop and apply research skills relevant to computing education as well as strategies for leading the adoption and implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

The Master of Education (Digital Technologies) is an online degree offered by the University of Sydney in conjunction with the Australian Computing Academy.

“If you want to be one of the best digitech educators in Australia, do this course.”

Sally Gridley, St Bedes College, Melbourne

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With an MEd (Digital Technologies) you can:

  • practise your coding and computational thinking skills
  • deliver the K-10 Digital Technologies curriculum
  • develop practical skills in data representation, collection and interpretation
  • build skills in visual or general-purpose programming
  • design and develop digital technologies resources
  • create assessment tasks for use in the classroom
  • receive expert feedback on your DT classroom

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What Sally thinks about the MEd (DT)

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about the Master of Education (Digital Technologies)

Why study with us?

Deepen your knowledge

The Master of Education (Digital Technologies) will deepen your knowledge and practice of educational theory, research and skills as applied to the teaching of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

Find out more about individual units of study here.

Learn from experts

You will be taught by leading experts from the University of Sydney. The teaching team brings together curriculum, research, pedagogical and classroom expertise to showcase best practice in the delivery of Digital Technologies. It is ideal for current and future teachers, educational administrators and researchers in the delivery of digital technologies.

Flexible online learning with evening lectures

All lectures are online. Choose to study full or part time, and fit study around your other commitments.

Use what you learn immediately

All activities (including assessments) are geared around the teaching of Digital Technologies, so you can take what you learn and apply it in your classroom.

Career paths and opportunities

Position yourself to take advantage of the rapidly growing demand for teachers qualified in digital technologies. Become a leader in your school in the delivery of Digital Technologies.

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about the Master of Education (Digital Technologies)

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