Digital Technologies Masterclass for Digital Champions

3 - 4 December 2017
Sunday - Monday  

Somerville House, The Honour Room

What is this about?

This event is a Digital Technologies Masterclass for Digital Champions implementing the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. You are an experienced Digital Technologies teacher. You are doing great stuff in the classroom with your students. You are keen to share your insights, Digital Technologies experiences, strategies and resources. You want to take the next steps by working with professionals at your level and receive guidance from curriculum writers and experts in the field. You also want to hear from other teachers first hand. If this resonates with you, then this is your masterclass.

Two-day workshop:

Day 1: You will share your own Digital Technologies experiences, strategies and resources with other teachers and receive feedback, mentoring and advice from professionals at your level, guidance from curriculum writers and experts in the field. An expert panel will invite the best presenters to run workshops on the following day. Presenters will be awarded a special Australian Computing Academy certificate.

Day 2: You will hold a hands-on learning experience with other teachers new to the Digital Technologies Curriculum who will be your students. You will have up to 45 minutes comprising of a short contextual introduction, including the mapping to the relevant curriculum, a brief synopsis of successes and challenges, and assessment. It includes a minimum of 15 minutes of hands-on learning by teachers and concludes with a Q&A opportunity by participants. 

Who is running this?

The Australian Computing Academy (ACA) is a Commonwealth funded project developing resources that will be freely available to students and teachers across Australia to learn about programming and related concepts in Digital Technologies. 

Who Should Attend?

- Experienced Digital Technologies teachers who like to deepen their knowledge and share their experience with their colleagues. 

Is there a cost? 

This workshop is free to attend. Food will be provided.

What should I bring? 

Bring yourself and a laptop. We'll organise the rest, including lunch and snacks.

The Australian Computing Academy is an initiative of and funded by, the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.