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The ACA's COVID-19 response for our community
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Free resources for remote learning

Teaching Digital Technologies with and without a computer

Dear teaching colleagues,

I’m sure you’re being bombarded with information from suppliers and requests for help from less tech-savvy colleagues, so I’ll be brief.

What we’re doing right now

The Australian Computing Academy and our partner, Grok Learning, are taking rapid steps to support you, your students, and their parents by giving Australian students free access to:

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This will be available from Tuesday 24th March until Sunday 5 July 2020 (covering Australian Term 2), and includes Web.Comp (starting 11 May).

All you need to do is register your students for free on the Grok Learning platform (if you haven't already).

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Access our activities

Just need to see what activities are available to engage your students? Use this form to identify what you're after:

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What we’re doing next

In Grok, we’ll be developing advanced remote classroom features, including expanding our online tutoring so you can message students directly and get live updates on their progress.

In the ACA and Grok, we’ll be adapting content for remote teaching; running webinars on best practices in distance education, using our resources, and the DT curriculum; and providing relentlessly cheerful and expert support via email, phone, and online if you get stuck or need inspiration.

We won't be leaving kids with limited internet access behind: we’ll be making lots of unplugged activities, especially for primary students and their teachers and carers.

We’ve delivered award-winning online DT education for over 15 years. We have the pedagogical and technology expertise to help your school teach DT remotely. And we wrote the curriculum.

What else do you need?

Let us help you! Enrol your students now. Got ideas about how we can help? Or need help getting started? Email us at, or phone 02 8627 8686.

For live updates and to share ideas with other teachers, join our Facebook group here or send us a message/comment in any of our social media channels below.

Stay safe and be kind to yourselves.


Associate Professor James Curran
Academic Director, Australian Computing Academy
CEO and Co-founder, Grok Learning
Author, Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies

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