Supporting teaching at home

The ACA's COVID-19 response for our community
how we are supporting teachers and parents

Supporting remote learning

Teaching Digital Technologies, with and without a computer

The Australian Computing Academy has been working hard to help students, teachers, parents and schools in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A summary of the changes so far:

Grok Learning have also been working on bringing new features to their Learning Platform to better support students and teachers:

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Free access to all ACA and Grok courses and competitions during COVID-19

The Australian Computing Academy and our partner, Grok Learning, have taken steps to support you, your students, and their parents by giving Australian students free access to:

This will be available from Tuesday 24th March until Sunday 5 July 2020 (covering Australian Term 2), and includes Web.Comp (running from May 11 through June 12).

All you need to do is register your students for free on the Grok Learning platform (if you haven't already).

Feel free to reach out to us via or if you've got any questions regarding this access.

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Explicit curriculum mapping of ACA activities

We've enabled our curriculum mapping view on the ACA website, which you'll now see visible on all of our ACA-created resources. On the resources page, each resource image will now include a banner that shows which of the key concepts in the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies it addresses. Clicking through to an individual resource page with the More Info button will then show you which elements of each Content Description is explicitly addressed through the learning activities. This all links back to our Curriculum Unpacking resource, which has been developed by the authors of the Australian Curriculum to provide additional clarity and support to teachers trying to understand the learning intentions of the curriculum.

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DT@Home unplugged worksheets

We have over 20 unplugged activities in our new DT@Home series of resources that are designed to support students learning at home, even if they don’t have access to the Internet. Perfect for student workbooks/learning packs, these are designed to be done with minimal resources at home. Each activity has simple instructions for a carer/guardian, and is aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

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Weekly professional development webinars

Our team of education specialists are running free weekly webinars on Mondays at 4pm throughout May. Topics include getting started (a primary and secondary session), teaching cyber security, data representation and digital systems. Register for webinars here and keep an eye out for additional dates and topics.

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An active Facebook support group

Join our Facebook group for daily updates about our latest resources. You can ask questions and find out how your colleagues are using our resources in their classroom. Join the group at

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Narration and Live Tutoring added to ACA Challenges

To help students who are learning from home, we have added narration features to some of our most popular challenges for Years 3-6. Each slide and problem in these challenges has narration embedded to make learning more accessible to students.

Grok Learning has arranged for the following ACA challenges to have Live Tutoring enabled. This means students working through problems can request assistance from online tutors if they get stuck on a problem. All tutors have Working With Children checks and receive training from Grok Learning on how to provide the appropriate level of support.

Grok have also enabled tutoring on some of their courses. The full list can be seen by selecting the Live Tutoring filter on the Launchpad.

If you have questions about tutoring, read the Grok Learning Tutoring FAQ.

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Google classroom integration with Grok Learning

If you already have your classes grouped in Google Classroom, you can import them directly into Grok Learning. On the Register Students page in Grok Learning, click the Import button and choose Google Classroom. For more details, go to Register Students.

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Live Classroom feature with real-time monitoring of student progress

You can now see your students in real time from your teacher dashboard. Click ‘View Live’’ next to a class or group name and you will see each student’s activity on the Grok Learning platform. You can view up to 24 hours of activity, and see real time course progression including problem submissions and slide views. Keeping track of your students’ progress has never been easier!

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Access our activities

Just need to see what activities are available to engage your students? Use this form to identify what you're after:

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We’ve delivered award-winning online Digital Technologies education for over 15 years. We have the pedagogical and technological expertise to help your school teach Digital Technologies remotely. And we wrote the curriculum.

What else do you need?

Let us help you! Enrol your students now. Got ideas about how we can help? Or need help getting started? Email us at, or phone 02 8627 8686.

For live updates and to share ideas with other teachers, join our Facebook group here or send us a message/comment in any of our social media channels below.

Stay safe and be kind to yourselves.


Associate Professor James Curran
Academic Director, Australian Computing Academy
CEO and Co-founder, Grok Learning
Author, Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies

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