7/8 Javascript - Cookie Clicker Challenge

DT Challenge - 7/8 Javascript - Cookie Clicker

Learn JavaScript and Web programming to create a Cookie Clicker game!

Learn how to make interactive webpages and build a surprisingly addictive game! In this DT Challenge, you'll learn the web technologies that form the foundations of the internet.

In this course you'll learn the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript! You'll build webpages using text and images, and learn how to make them interactive as you add more complex UI elements.

So get your clicking fingers ready, and watch out how that cookie crumbles!

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Challenge Outline

# Module name Lesson Plan* Key Concepts / Threads
1 Showing the cookie
2 Counting the cookies
3 Selecting the cookie
4 Counting cookies

* For this course, the lesson plan is provided as a single document that outlines how to make use of the challenge, and provides supporting activities for teachers to consider alongside use of the challenge.

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